LAME Encoder Wrapper for Ruby

The Lame Encoder allows you to convert between mp3, ogg, wav, and aiff files from the command line. You can also recode mp3s at different bitrates, convert audio files to mono, and much more. This wrapper allows you to control Lame from within your Ruby apps, with clear methods to set the options. It should be refactorable and learnable, due to it’s strong suite of rspec specifications.

Get it now!

The latest version will always be available in svn -

svn checkout svn://

or of course you can grab the gem

sudo gem install lame_encoder

Visit the project’s RubyForge page for more options.


The LAME (LAME Ain’t an Mp3 Encoder) Encoder has been around for a few years, and I used it back in the PHP days to give Music For Dozens the ability to transcode MP3 uploads to lower bitrates.

Now with this new Ruby wrapper, we can all use Lame in our projects.

The idea to build the wrapper came out of the Argon Express trip to RailsConf, where Jeremy Voorhis and I decided to extend his asset_compiler to work with audio as well. Before we could do that, we needed an audio equivalent of RMagick. Hence the wrapper for Lame.


The author: Chris Anderson or jchris at mfdz dot com